Richiesoft India

Started from here, we are joining the dots to make World a better place. Richiesoft has three main zones, which include Ad-technology, Media and Utility. Welcoming you to our dedicated Global site to explore more on the same.


Adpotbox - Ad-fin App

Glueping - Technology Magazine
Clothing - Fashion Magazine
Finiup - Startup Magazine
Eptro - NanoNews app
Magpoke - Richiesoft Newsstand

[UTILITY] - Ultrafast URL Shortener
Paperbooklet - Universal clipboard

Denebsky Bengaluru

We began with IOT, which was rooted to beyond current timeline needs. Went into a stalled state from 2015 to Dec 2016, we started our operations into Fin-tech with our Brand "Dueclarity" from Feb 2017. We are a child firm of Richiesoft now.

Media & Utility

Media unit contains Glueping, a Technology (Digital) Magazine with roots from 2014 January. Adding to it, Clothing is a Fashion Magazine and Finiup Magazine covers from Startup to B2B. Utitlity layouts include which is consumer centric ultrafast URL shortening system, with it's sister product Paperbooklet which handles your text with perfect formatting from one system to anywhere.

Richiesoft France

L'avenir de Richiesoft entre dans une mise à l'échelle à la robotique, ad-technologie avancée avec la base Augemented. Nous à Richiesoft France, obtenez notre base de Paris enracinement pour travailler sur App Studios et Vetements Magazine en streaming en direct de la ville de la Mode. Doifoo et Pappanda sont mis à couler en direct de vingt20.

Richiesoft USA

Game studios for Virtual & Augmented reality becomes the base of development at our US center, which is in R&D state from operating from India at the current timeline. Glueping, gets a Silicon edition, covering up more closely at USA, launching at twenty20. We operate from New York, in remote sense mode at this point.